volunteerA special experience I once lived in Taipei , and worked as a volunteer in a hospital. It really felt good to get the opportunity to help people. One morning an elderly woman asked me to take her to buy some food. On 訂做禮服the way to the school, she said ‘In fact, I have only 3 months to live in the beautiful world. I have stayed here for a year. However, my children have not come to take care of me as if I have disappeared in this land.’ She 酒店工作looked calm, but I knew she was very unhappy and disappointed. She still longed that her kids can accompany her during the last days. In the store, she bought a lot of candies, cookies and drinks and a little food for the old. 酒店兼職She gave me all the dessert after she paid for these. I rejected her kindness promptly. Even so she looked at me sadly, holding my hands. She said sorrowfully ‘You are just like my granddaughter, Lisa. You are as tall as her. 售屋網Your eyes are as big as hers. Can you call me grandmother?’ I couldn’t refuse her demand. I promised and I said ‘Grandmother!’ .I also gave her a bid hug. From then on, I visited her every day .I told her plenty of funny 房屋二胎stories, interesting events and amusing remarks to her. She always laughed loudly and happily .While I saw that she was cheerful, I had more happiness. Day by day, her health became worse and worse. The doctor had no idea hoe to 代償help her. He gave up and asked me to make her joyful and pleasure every moment. I once tried to connect her family, but no one answered. One day, the grandma died. She looked so peaceful and amiable. She did not get much pain. 太平洋房屋She passed away when she slept. I thought she had gone to the paradise. I did not cry because I knew I must smile. If grandma saw me smiling, she would be very happy. This was a special and unforgettable volunteer experience, wasn酒店打工’t it? I would remember it forever and forever. .


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